What Our Clients Say

I am floored!

I tried Lowkey In Love first just to test and I AM FLOORED! They're crazy soft and light - so different from the other ones I've tried before. Even the glue is easy to apply and remove. Can't wait for my next orders to arrive!
- Stacey, 17

Finally found the perfect lashes

I've been looking for the perfect lashes that don't look like plastic and I finally found them! It looks like my real lashes, even my mom loves it lol. I love that it doesn't irritate my eyes which happens with other brands.
- Olivia, 25


I am sooo ordering more! The Clearly collection speaks to me in so many ways. They are SO SOFT and it looks sooo natural. My friends kept asking and my man said that I look cuter than usual HAHAHA. - Harper, 21